What We Do

Activating growth strategies is hard work. We make it easier.

Choose Strategies and the Right Organisation Design

Our clients know their business and market. They ask us to facilitate a strategy process to help them make great choices, or they seek help in designing an organisation that will support strategy execution. We make their work easier by facilitating strategy with innovative tools while meaningfully engaging their team in this work.

Bring Growth Strategies to Life

Our clients know that strategy gets executed when it's translated into the organisation's DNA. We make this easier by involving people in the strategy design process so they support implementation. We align leadership and business teams to execute strategy.

Build Capability to Grow

Our clients know you can't tell people to care about growth. Our accelerated development methods make it easier to grow the business and grow leaders faster at the same time. Our Workforce Strategy Audit and practice area create a talent strategy that best meets the needs of high-growth markets.

Align Leadership Teams for Growth

Our clients know that leadership teams drive implementation of strategy. We help leadership teams implement effective structures. We also help them go beyond formal structure to operate effectively across functions and business units.

Growing leaders faster is hard work. We make it easier.

Drive Strategies and Accelerate Development

Our clients often want to drive their growth agenda whilst developing a group of high potential leaders. We provide bespoke, integrated learning programmes that deliver business results and accelerate development. The Leader Excelerator Action Programme (LEAP) is our premier 12-month long programme where teams drive large strategic projects.

Develop Individual Leaders: 1x1 Coaching

Increasingly, our clients want to accelerate development for individual leaders. Our Leader Excelerator Personal Training (LEPT) programme offers coaching support, action learning and individual training as well as tools to accelerate development. We also provide short-term coaching to help leaders transition to new jobs or to have more impact in high-stakes presentations and other communication events.

Communicate and Influence for More Impact

Regional and global job demands require leaders to communicate and influence across cultures, with customers and the media, and internally at all levels. We provide support to individuals or teams to improve their influence skills and impact in communications.

Accelerate Manager and Team Performance

Leaders often need to improve their own performance and the performance of their team. Our Excelerating Performance tools help leaders do just that. These tools are easy to use and help free up time whilst better developing and distributing work amongst their team.

Collaborating and communicating with teams across borders and cultures is hardwork. We make it easier.

Get Results Long Distance

Our clients often lead teams spread across many countries, cultures, languages and time zones. We provide solutions that help global leaders attain higher levels of performance from their dispersed teams. We help organisations align their teams and bridge the cultural and technology divides to achieve more.

Communicate Effectively to Achieve Business Results

Our clients have leaders from multiple cultures who need to communicate effectively with their global headquarters, with media organisations in different countries and across a diverse employee population. We help them communicate their ideas more effectively through our High Impact Communications workshops and coaching.


Organisation Solutions delivers bespoke solutions that combine deep expertise in high-growth and emerging markets with our world-class transformation, development, collaboration and communication capabilities. Below is a partial listing of products we incorporate in our bespoke client solutions:

Strategy Execution

  • Growth Architecture Methodology
  • Growth Leaders Workshop
  • Capacity for Growth Diagnostic
  • Talent Management Assessment and Audit
  • 4P Team Alignment Survey
  • Team Excellence Methodology
  • Functional Excellence Methodology (HR, Sales and Brand Excelerator)
  • Leading Sustainable Change Workshop/Modules

Leadership Development

  • Leader Excelerator Action Programme (LEAP)
  • Leader Excelerator Personal Training (LEPT)
  • Excelerating Performance Tool Box
  • Examples of Learning Modules:
    • High-Impact Communications
    • Influencing for Impact
    • Leaders as Learners
    • Building Trust
    • Conflict Management
    • Leading for Growth

360° Collaboration

  • High-Impact Communications Workshop
  • Media Training (1x1 or small group coaching)
  • Getting Results Long Distance Workshop
  • Leading in the Matrix Workshop
  • PACER Well-Being Survey
  • Culture@Work (eLearning and workshop modules)
  • Long-distance Leader Multi-rater Feed Forward Survey
  • TechTrap Learning Board Game

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