Growth & Leadership Forum

Growth & Leadership Forum


Organisation Solutions’ Growth & Leadership Forum include top level executives from over 100 leading multinationals and high-growth start-ups such as 3M, Airbnb, Cisco, Diageo, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Johnson & Johnson, LEGO, Microsoft, Royal Dutch Shell, and Unilever. These networks come together regularly to learn and share about growth and leadership.

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CEO Roundtable

Our CEO Roundtable brings regional and global CEOs together to help them work through the challenges of leading growth, especially in emerging markets.


HR Roundtable

Our HR Roundtable brings regional and global HR leaders together to help them understand and solve the people and organisation challenges of growth. This Roundtable operates in Asia and the US.


Women's Executive Roundtable

This Roundtable connects women that are regional and global CEOs or line leaders to help them tackle the challenges faced by women leading growth for their companies.