SLP Coaching To Drive Business Innovation Pipeline

SLP Coaching To Drive Business Innovation Pipeline

The Challenge

Top management talked about the importance of innovation, but it didn’t translate into action. They believed that they needed a few big “game changer” innovations and told people not to waste time on small efforts that would have little impact on revenue.

So instead of innovation, they focused on selling more to existing customers, acquiring new customers, and increasing margins by increasing price or reducing costs.

Although these efforts were necessary, leaders wanted to identify innovations that would disrupt the industry or significantly change their business.

They needed a process to drive this innovation.


We structured a project that put cross-business unit teams together to identify step-out innovation opportunities. We supported them through SLP coaching and they reviewed all opportunities with the senior leadership team.


Teams identified projects worth over US$1 Billion (net present value)


Teams commercialised many projects identified.


The cross-business interactions shaped an enterprise growth strategy.


We created cross-business teams of middle-level managers to identify step-out growth opportunities for each of their businesses and then to build a pipeline to foster these opportunities.

Each team went through our Strategic Learning Project methodology and received coaching and tools to support them. The coach helped them maintain focus, learn, and shape new ways of thinking.

Teams identified a variety of new innovations (including using technology to sell new products and expand sales), new methods of working with key customers, new products, and new markets.

Due to these conversations, business units started to share more and learn from the other businesses.

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