Coaching To Support Leadership Development Programme

Coaching To Support Leadership Development Programme

The Challenge

Critical for growth: retaining and accelerating development of high potential talent is critical for growth. Many companies do this through high potential leadership development workshops. Unfortunately, many of the learnings from these programmes don’t translate to the job.

Our client wanted help translating workshop learning to on-the-job results. They asked us to provide coaches for participants to help them gain insight and to support the leaders as they turned their learnings into action.


Our support was relatively light, but


Over 50% of leaders asked for continued coaching support after the programme was complete.


Coaching was one of the highlights of the programme.


Coaching was supported across multiple countries with leaders at different levels in the organisation.


  • We customised our Personal Training coaching programme to fit the needs of the leadership programme and workshops.
  • Coaches met with leaders for coach selection and were then briefed about the programme.
  • Coaching lasted throughout the programme (6 months) and typically was extended to support the leader over a year-long period.

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