Developing Inspirational Leaders

Developing Inspirational Leaders

When industry growth slows and companies delayer, leaders are faced with new challenges. They must reignite growth and inspire and motivate employees to stay and develop despite slowing growth.

A natural resources MNC asked us to develop their Asia, Africa and Middle East leadership team to inspire and motivate their direct reports and help leaders build capabilities to drive performance.

The Challenge

Our client had standard global leadership development programmes, but leaders were not inspiring and energising the organisation. At the same time, performance standards were low, leaders acted slowly and performance was lagging.

To address this, they wanted to create a program to help their senior most leaders in emerging markets:

  • Inspire their teams
  • Increase agility and speed of response
  • Raise standards and outperform expectations
  • Drive simplicity in the organisation


Our Leading to Win programme delivered results. Leaders improved in targeted skill areas and delivered projects and improved team capabilities.


Leader results improved 13% during the programme.


Leader capability to be direct and confront challenges and performance issues improved 20%.


Safety and risks reduced in operations due to one leader’s on-the-job action learning experience; improved engagement in Thailand for another leader.


We adapted our Leading to Win programme for this client with an increased focus on inspiring teams and driving results.

Customisation for this client included:

  • Bespoke 360° to measure 4 key skill areas they wanted to drive throughout the organisation
  • Coaching support throughout the programme that was extended to support leaders after the programme
  • Review of progress with the leaders, managers and coach
  • Multiple individual on-the-job action learning experiences to improve team capabilities and deliver job results
  • Modules designed and delivered to help them drive their culture and programme objectives

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