LEAP: Transforming The Organisation

LEAP: Transforming The Organisation

Building a leadership pipeline to prepare leaders for future jobs is one thing. Doing it while transforming the organisation and localising jobs is quite another. In this case, our client wanted a leadership development programme that got results for the organisation and that built new leader capabilities.

The Challenge

The Global Financial Crisis hit everyone hard. Our commodity client restructured, closed assets, and reduced staff count. Many senior leaders left, which meant no bench strength or leader pipeline. When new business opportunities blossomed, the business was not prepared to ramp up and take advantage of them because investment was cut during the crisis.

As their business recovered, building talent became critical—localising jobs and avoiding expatriate hires became a focus. They also wanted to accelerate their productivity strategy and look for new markets for their products.


Over 3 years, our Leader Excelerator Action Programme (LEAP) developed 61 leaders and delivered 13 Strategic Projects.


One project resulted in $8M in new international sales, another resulted in turning a waste product into a new revenue stream.


Improved retention rate—95% of LEAP leaders retained.


29% of leaders were promoted; 51% of leaders were seconded to bigger roles/projects.


Senior leadership embraced each LEAP programme—deciding upon team strategic projects, sponsoring projects, and participating in workshops.

LEAP workshops were held over 10–12 months to drive these team projects forward and build new leader capabilities.

Each leader also drove an individualised project to improve their own leadership capabilities. Executive coaching and bespoke 360s supported this development and ensured accountability.

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