Linking Leadership Assessment To Strategy

Linking Leadership Assessment To Strategy

The Challenge

Jabil faces a number of challenges that may impact their continued growth: a more diversified portfolio of companies/offerings, their expansion of operations into more complex geographies, the need for greater innovation and solutions selling, and the reality of technology and analytics changing the way they work.

To deliver their growth strategy, they need leaders that can operate in this environment. However, their leadership model and assessments were not aligned to their changing needs.


Together we built a suite of solutions to help Jabil gain better insight into their leaders’ capabilities and development needs. The initial focus was to change how they select, nominate, and develop leaders for their top 200 management roles. This included:


An action-oriented Leadership Model with capabilities aligned to their growth strategy.


A new 360 that better differentiated leaders and provided better development input.


Better insight into HiPos and candidates to make selection decisions.


  • Starting with our Growth Leader Model, we worked with Jabil leaders to identify capabilities needed for the new strategy. This resulted in a new, action-oriented Leadership model.
  • We created a 360 based on our 100% Definition model. This translated the capabilities into observable outcomes, which resulted in differentiated ratings and better development comments.
  • We adapted our Growth Leader Assessment to ensure their external and internal executive hires were benchmarked against other executives and received great developmental feedback aligned to their leader model.


For the full case study, please see: How Jabil is developing tomorrow's leaders today

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