Ramping Up Pacing For Growth Capabilities

Ramping Up Pacing For Growth Capabilities

The Challenge

Our client had a history of delivering high growth, but saw early warning signs that this growth might not be sustainable. For example:

  • One of their largest markets relied on closing a large number of new contracts in the 24 hours before the end of the quarter to make target
  • Growth rates in some markets were slowing
  • Operating expenses were growing at a high rate due to poor processes

They needed their leadership teams to better identify and close capability gaps.


We used our Pacing for Growth Organisation Diagnostic to help each country assess their readiness for growth.

This resulted in:

  • Growth capability gaps identified for each market that reflect that market’s needs
  • Leadership teams fully aligned on capability gaps
  • Actions and projects identified to close gaps, including investment in new IT infrastructure and changes to their workforce strategy

In addition, teams had more self-insight into what they needed to do to improve their own capabilities to drive growth


Each country identified their own capability gaps vs. benchmark data.


Actions and projects were put in place to improve growth capabilities.


Projects paid off with renewed growth in several slowing markets.


  • Leadership teams completed our Pacing for Growth Organisation Diagnostic. This measured their current and ideal performance against 20 growth disciplines (e.g., customer aligned innovation) from our Growth Readiness Framework.
  • In workshops, leaders compared their results to benchmark companies. Teams used the descriptive anchors for each discipline to identify actions needed to achieve their ideal levels of performance.
  • Workshops resulted in projects and actions to improve priority growth disciplines. These were executed by the organisations in the coming months, resulting in improved growth capabilities and higher growth.

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