Team Services: Empowering Team Performance

Team Services: Empowering Team Performance

The Challenge

Our IT client had an organisation responsible for operations across Asia. The group was operating well, and each leader was delivering against plan.

However, the leader felt the team was not working well across organisational boundaries and was not driving performance enough as an entire team.

He asked us to help his team examine itself, identify how it was operating, and ramp up performance in the future.


Work started with a Team (re)Purpose workshop with a focus on purpose and team routines.
This was followed by a series of bespoke interventions with the team to help them achieve their goals.


Shifted focus of team to spend more time on strategy and talent.


Restructured work to empower team decision making.


Built new routines for team to change how it operated.


  • To prepare, we started with a set of diagnostic interviews to understand how the team was operating today and identify challenges it was facing in the future.
  • Our first workshop helped the team define its broader purpose and priorities. The team also redefined how it operated to support these priorites.
  • Subsequent workshops used our Team Excellence framework and some leadership development modules to accelerate performance of the team.

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