Growth Leaders — The Podcast

Growth Leaders — The Podcast



By Dr. Alison Eyring, Chief Executive Officer, Organisation Solutions

What does it take to grow a business successfully? Whether you are leading a global conglomerate or a start-up, it takes a certain edge to grow a business and then keep it growing!


I have worked with many great business leaders in all types of industries across the world. Again and again, I have observed that there is a certain type of leader who knows how to drive business performance today AND build the capabilities to keep it growing for the future (while not burning out their people in the process).


I call them Growth Leaders.


In my new podcast, I will be talking to leaders across industries and continents who have one thing in common—an edge for growth!


Growth leaders are different; they have the right balance between disruption and discipline. They are innovators with a strong external focus and entrepreneurialism. At the same time, they are focused, resilient, and highly adept at managing complexity.


In the podcast, I ask them about their experiences leading growth, how they got to where they are today, and what they have learnt along the way. They share their insights on the different aspects of leading growth like finding the right pace, conserving energy to focus on what really matters, and building the right capabilities for the future. In each episode, we’ll be getting right to the heart of what it takes to successfully lead growth.


In this age of disruption, growth and transformation go hand in hand. Many growth leaders are the members of the digerati—they put technology at the heart of their growth strategies and their future success; they make it work for their business and their people. In episode one, I am very excited to be speaking to one such growth leader, Parry Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer at Mediacorp.


Do you know a growth leader? One who drives performance AND transforms their business for the future while still keeping people energised? If so, I’d love to speak to them, so we can share their stories to help develop and inspire others. Send me their details by email or reach out to me on Twitter @DrAlisonEyring.


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Dr. Alison Eyrings is the Chief Executive Officer of Organisation Solutions. She works closely with global and regional executives from the Fortune/FTSE 500 and some of the world’s most innovative high-growth companies on leadership and growth. A global thought leader on building organisation capacity for growth, she is Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS Business School. Alison is the author of the award winning book Pacing for Growth: Why intelligent Restraint Drives Long-Term SuccessContact Alison




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