Growth Leader Assessment

Growth Leader Assessment

Over 80% of companies cite building future leadership capabilities as a critical business goal, yet only 30% believe they are doing this effectively. Unfortunately, most assessment tools sold today are over 40 years old and fail to measure the new capabilities companies need to deliver business growth and transformation.

Our Growth Leader Assessment measures capabilities proven to drive business growth. It measures areas such as Growth Mindset, Innovation, and Entrepreneurism shown to be two times more predictive of growth than traditional personality tools. This proven assessment identifies and helps to develops leaders who can Perform today, Energise others, and Transform their business for tomorrow.

Our rapidly deployed Growth Leader Assessment makes it easier and faster to hire the right leaders for growth, accelerate your leadership pipeline, or shape an integrated leadership strategy for growth.

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11x Sales Growth

Leaders with high Growth Mindset scores grew sales 11x higher


40% Greater Productivity

Leaders with high Develop Team scores enjoyed 40% greater productivity/employee


Lower Turnover

Leaders with high Leading Innovation scores benefited from 50% lower employee turnover

Why Choose Growth Leader Assessments

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