Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Leader Excelerator Personal Training (LEPT) maximises development while helping leaders deliver business results.

LEPT is tailored to each leader and combines proven development methods and latest thinking to:
  • Help leaders change and moderate their behaviours to maximise impact
  • Prepare leaders for future roles by building new capabilities
  • Support leaders as they transition into new roles or geographies
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Coaching & Advice

  • Coaching for reflection & insight
  • Advice, feedback & sounding board

Experiential Learning

  • Projects/Challenges to stretch skills
  • Visible on-the-job results

Tools & Knowledge

  • Selected training & research
  • Practical tools

Support & Measurement

  • Measure against ideal future 100% definitions
  • Feedback & feed forward

How Different?

  • Most executive coaches (>80%) never measure results
  • OS measures leader capabilities before and after coaching
    • Capabilities improve >25%, as rated by stakeholders
    • Leaders also deliver on-the-job results
  • Leaders moving to new companies are 8 times more likely to be successful when they receive LEPT support
  • LEPT provides more than just coaching. Learning improves by including:
    • Action learning
    • New knowledge/training
    • Practical tools
    • Support and advice from stakeholders
  • Coaches provide coaching/reflection and advice/expertise if needed
  • Coaching is adapted to meet needs of leaders from different cultures
  • Our coaches are highly trained and have leadership experience in MNCs
  • Over 1/3 of coaches globally lack even basic qualifications for coaching leaders
  • Contact us for more information on our coaches and their qualifications



Leaders need different levels of support to meet specific development and business goals at different stages in their careers. We offer three LEPT options.

Many leaders face specific challenges as they progress up through the organisation. We have a suite of tools to address these challenges. For the most common, we have developed LEPT Journeys.

Our most in-demand LEPT journeys are:

    • Growth Leaders, which helps leaders sustainably grow their business and practice Intelligent Restraint
    • Transitions, which helps leaders succeed in new, larger roles
    • Executive Communication and Influence, which helps leaders have impact up and across the organisation

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  • We’ve moved from engaging the business on problems and priorities to engaging them on our longer term strategy.

    Global CIO, Financial Institution
  • He is now taking a leading role in the region by advocating a strategy, defending his views and actively leading change with his peers and the global team.

    CEO, Leading Hospitality MNC

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