Focused Coaching Support

Focused Coaching Support

Leaders can gain valuable insight through 360 feedback and new knowledge through training. However, this does not always translate to changes in behaviour on-the-job. To achieve real results, leaders need support so they can experiment with new behaviours, practice new routines, reflect on learnings and adapt to their situations. Our bespoke coaching support sets leaders up for success by making it easier for them to translate insights into change. Our coaching provides support for leaders in areas such as:
  • 360 Feedback and improvement
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Engagement survey action planning and improvement
  • Accelerated development through your standard corporate coaching programmes
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Improvement in Effectiveness

In leader effectiveness when leaders receive 7 sessions of coaching after a 360 compared to a 4% improvement after one coaching session


Increase in Productivity

When leaders are coached during a development programme vs. leaders in the same programme without coaching


>Top Quartile Engagement scores

When leaders with bottom quartile engagement results receive coaching to improve and drive change

Get The Best In Executive Coaching

The global coaching industry has grown rapidly with organisations increasingly engaging executive coaches to prepare leaders for next level jobs and develop high potentials. However, the industry remains unregulated and fragmented.

Our coaches provide support that leaders need to translate new insights and knowledge into changes in behaviour and outcomes on-the-job.

Our coaches help leaders experiment with new behaviours, practice new routines, reflect on their learnings and, most of all, help them to adapt and have an impact in their company. We do this with our experience-rich development plans and the tools from our personal training programme to help supplement and enhance learning.

Read more about the gaps in the global coaching industry and how to navigate them.



Coaching is seamlessly integrated into your leadership development programmes to maximise learning and impact. Depending upon your programme, we can provide individual, small group or team coaching to help leaders maximise their learnings from the programme and their impact on-the-job

  • Enhanced self-awareness: We can maximise leader insights through your own 360 or other tools or provide additional tools if needed
  • Developmental alignment: We work closely with leaders’ line managers to align development in the programme with their development needed on-the-job
  • Project Support: We support individual or team action learning through coaching and our LEPT tools
  • Knowing to Growing: We support knowledge transfer from workshops to on-the-job application

Our coaches complement the programme with our expert materials to enhance learning

We offer a short series of coaching sessions to support leaders who want to gain insight and improve their impact based on psychometric assessments, 360s or engagement survey results.  We also structure coaching length to meet your corporate coaching guidelines. 

Our experienced coaches are well equipped on a wide variety of assessments, including personality and 360 tools.

They focus on ensuring leaders:

  • Gain a better understanding of themselves through assessment insights
  • Build development plans that translate into on-the-job results
  • Build key capabilities they need to get to the next level
  • Apply new learning through projects and activities in their day-to-day role
  • Align on learnings and actions with their own managers

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