Programme Coaching

Programme Coaching

Leaders can have great insight through 360° feedback and can gain new knowledge through training. However, this does not always translate into changes in behaviour on-the-job. To get results, leaders must experiment with new behaviours, practice new routines, reflect on learnings and adapt to their situation. Our Programme Coaching makes it easier for leaders to translate insights into change. We provide coaching that supports:
  • 360° and/or assessment feedback
  • Leadership development programmes
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Enhanced Insight

  • Professional feedback
  • Advice going forward

Experience-Rich Development Plans

  • Focus development
  • Develop on-the-job

Individualised Learning

  • Support programme themes
  • Dial up on critical areas

Embed Change

  • Apply insight to daily activities
  • Review progress & maintain momentum

How Different?

With the right coaching and support, leaders can translate their new insights and knowledge into changes in behaviour on-the-job.

In supporting corporate programmes, our coaches help leaders experiment with new behaviours, practice new routines, reflect on learnings and adapt to this to have impact in their company. We use experience-rich development plans and, when needed, use tools from our Personal Training programme to supplement and enhance learning.



We integrate coaching into leadership development programmes to help leaders maximise their learning and impact after the programme. Type of support may vary by programme and can include:

  • Helping the leader gain insight through programme assessments or material
  • Aligning development with the leader’s line manager and the programme content
  • Supporting individual or team action learning projects
  • Applying knowledge from workshops on-the-job
  • Maintaining momentum for change

Coaches draw on our expert materials to complement the programme goals and enhance learning.

Our coaches are highly experienced with a wide variety of assessments, personality and 360° tools.

They focus on ensuring leaders:

  • Understand results and gain insight
  • Focus on building key capabilities
  • Identify projects and activities in their role to apply their new learnings
  • Align on learnings and actions with their managers

In follow up sessions, coaches check in with leaders to review progress and help them overcome obstacles.

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