Strategic Learning Project Coaching

Strategic Learning Project Coaching

Our Strategic Learning Project (SLP) coaching helps teams deliver strategic projects while developing their own skills in the process. Our process helps take action learning to a new level by helping participants:
  • Deliver strategic change projects in areas that matter to the business
  • Build team and individual leadership capabilities
  • Develop stakeholder relationships

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Project Selection

  • Guidelines for effective project scope
  • Identification of sponsors

Defined Process

  • Unique ‘4D’ methodology
  • Uses both divergent and convergent thinking

SLP Toolkit

  • Practical tools to support each stage
  • Addresses common stumbling blocks

Coaching & Advice

  • Feedback & challenge
  • Providing different perspectives

How Different?

Many action learning projects fail to achieve or result in action with no learning, or learning with no outcome. Our structured approach ensures that teams and organisations maximise their return on investment and accelerate development.

  • We focus on:
    • Creating a well-defined scope with a clear vision for desired outcome. Working with teams and sponsors, we ensure teams scope the project and have a clear defined outcome so that they are set up for success
    • Helping teams structure the project to maximise results. With our unique 4D process and toolkit
    • Avoiding a "project" mentality. Participants start thinking and acting as change leaders
    • Emphasizing learning. We coach members to think specifically about their learning process
    • Deliver results. Teams deliver real results to their organisations



We provide coaching using our SLP methodology. This provides structured support for the project and helps teams avoid common pitfalls.

In addition, we provide teams access to SLP toolkit and SLP team toolkit to make it easier to deliver results.

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