Strategic Learning Project Coaching

Strategic Learning Project Coaching

Companies often want to develop teams on-the-job by challenging them with projects that will stretch their skills. Unfortunately, leaders often see these projects as additional work and don’t maximise their learning. At their worst, these projects fail to deliver real value to the company. Leaders need support to deliver great projects and develop new capabilities. Our Strategic Learning Project (SLP) coaching helps leaders and teams:
  • Deliver great projects
  • Build capabilities to deliver future projects without coaching support
  • Work together effectively as a project team
  • Improve their strategic thinking and decision-making skills
  • Develop stronger stakeholder relationship

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100% Project Relevant

All projects have tangible, business objectives. They are live-fire experience


>80% Achieve Desired Results

Most projects meet or exceed expected outcomes, often resulting in significant new revenue or innovations


Safe Environment

Projects provide a safe environment for failure, helping leaders gain insight and learn. Sometimes, these failures lead to radical rethinking of problems in business, leading to new strategies.

Provide The Best Support

Our approach ensures that team projects maximise results and accelerate development.

  • Our coaches focus on:
    • Setting the Team Up for Success. This includes defining a clear vision and scope for the project
    • Structuring the Project: Participants leverage our 4D methodology to engage stakeholders and structure work
    • Providing Tools: Tools equip teams with new strategies and tactics to lead the change
    • Mindset Change: Participants take on the role of strategic change leader
    • Learning. Team members learn how to work better together and how to learn from the experience
    • Maximising Results. Teams deliver real results to their organisation


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