Edge Assessment

Edge Assessment

In today’s world, leaders need the right edge for growth so that they can drive performance today, transform the business for tomorrow and keep their teams energised. Leaders need growth capabilities in each of these areas to fuel future growth.

Unfortunately, most leadership models ignore 40-60% of these growth leader capabilities. Because of this, talent systems often identify and develop the wrong leaders or fail to develop critical growth leader capabilities.

Our Edge growth leader assessments and solutions are designed to help companies:
  • Find growth leaders at all levels of the organisation
  • Measure all the key capabilities that predict company growth
  • Develop all leaders by helping them identify new strategies to drive or enable growth

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9 Growth Capabilities

Measures top capabilities leaders need to perform, energise and transform their businesses


Abilities & Strategies

Measures growth capabilities, experience and leader strategies


More Predictive

Measures are 2x more predictive than personality measures used in most companies


Develops Leaders

Focuses on helping leaders gain insight and develop new strategies to enable growth

Why Choose Edge Assessments

Edge Organisation Solutions



Edge Options

Talent Management

We provide consulting services to reinvigorate your leadership model and talent management system so you can better identify and develop leaders that can drive future company growth.

Growth Leader 360

Our unique Growth Leader 360 measures leaders at various levels against growth leader capabilities:

  • Measures against an ideal 100% definition for their next level of leadership
  • Scores and comments are more informative and helpful in measuring and driving development


  • We wanted a partner that has high standards and integrity in assessment as well as one that is flexible in the assessments they use. Organisation Solutions fit all these criteria.

    HR Leader, Fortune 500 Technology firm

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