Leading to Win

Leading to Win

Our Leading to Win programme helps leaders drive individual, team and organisation performance. Over 6-9 months, this bespoke programme typically focuses on helping leaders:
  • Inspire and engage their team members, and drive team performance
  • Connect, collaborate and influence more broadly in the organisation to get results
  • Transition from managing operations to building longer-term strategic capacity and capability

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How Different?

Greater Impact
  • Maximises development by combining workshops, action learning and coaching
  • Leaders deliver results through individualised action learning projects
  • Leaders flex own style to better engage, inspire and influence others
Broader Outcomes Companies
  • Higher performing leaders and teams
  • Better team engagement and capabilities
  • Improved collaboration across the organisation

  • Improved capability of individuals on team
  • More empowered team capable of managing better independently
  • Improved ability to learn through experience
  • Better visibility and wider impact in the organisation



Developing Inspiring Leaders

This programme helps leaders develop and inspire others. It Includes a core set of leadership modules and experiences including:

  • How great leaders get results
  • Influencing for impact
  • 10 secrets of team success

Optional modules allow companies to tailor the programme to specific needs of leaders and the company.

Programme elements include:


  • Better inspire & lead others
  • Influence beyond own function

Experiential Learning

  • Drive team performance
  • Deliver own action learning project


  • Measure pre- & post- improvement
  • Engage stakeholders in 360°


  • Supervisor involved in development
  • Optional coaching to sustain development

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  • He is more confident in delegation, developing others, and leading collaboratively. Much better at determining the level of detail and strategic focus required

    Region VP on his Leader
  • This session helped me understand how to apply different styles of influence for different types of personalities and has already yielded results!

    Participating Leader
  • The intervention allowed us to target each group's and each leader's development needs. This allowed us to maximise the impact we had and drive functional excellence.

    Learning and Development Director

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