Our Leader Exelerator Action Programme (LEAP) transforms leaders and organisations. Over 10-12 months, teams of high potential leaders deliver strategic projects while accelerating their own development. Companies achieve:
  • Significant ROI on projects important to company
  • Leaders with new capabilities and perspectives
  • Leaders ready for next level jobs

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How Different?

Broader Impact
  • Four 2-3 day long workshops over 10-12 months ensures skills learned in workshops are transferred and practiced on-the-job
  • Leaders involved in shaping programme content
  • Time dedicated to projects, practice and reflection
Experience-Based Learning
  • Teams deliver live-fire Strategic Learning Project sponsored by senior leaders (8-9 month long projects). Real projects ensure real learning
  • Participants deliver own action learning experiences between workshops so that they can drive success in their jobs as well as on the projects
Broader Outcomes Companies
  • Higher performing leaders and teams
  • Better team engagement and capabilities
  • Improved collaboration across the organisation

  • Improved capability of individuals on team
  • More empowered team capable of managing better independently
  • Improved ability to learn through experience
  • Better visibility and wider impact in the organisation



Leader Excelerator Action Programme (LEAP)

Organisations and leaders must deliver today’s performance while transforming their organisation to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment. LEAP helps:

  • Transform Leaders. Through multiple development experiences, leaders come out of the programme with new mind-sets and equipped with new tools to manage and lead differently
  • Deliver Strategic Change.Delivers strategic projects that will transform the company

Elements of LEAP include:


Strategic Projects

  • Deliver live-fire projects
  • Build strategic capability


  • Provide content to develop
  • Progress & review strategic projects

Coaching & Support

  • Receive individual & team coaching
  • Engage senior leaders in development


  • Provide pre- &
    post- measure
  • Identify development

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How we’ve helped our clients

  • Organisation Solutions helped accelerate our growth strategies across Asia Pacific, and developed our leadership in the process. They deliver on their promise to grow leaders faster.

    CEO, Asia Pacific, Insurance company

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