Team Services

Team Services

Our team services improve and accelerate team performance so that they can have greater impact in the organisation and marketplace. These solutions help:

  • Build high performing and empowered teams
  • Increase collaboration within the team and across the organisation
  • Focus the team on growth opportunities

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High Performing Team Model

  • Drive performance to next level
  • Empower team members

Drivers of Team Success

  • Focus on 10 drivers of success
  • Put practice into action

Performance Benchmarks

  • Benchmark team alignment
  • Measure team improvement

Team Coaching

  • Improve how team operates
  • Improve collaboration, trust


Team (re)Purpose

When team membership changes significantly, new teams are formed or teams need new focus. Our Team (re)Purpose workshop will help them agree on purpose and how they can best operate to achieve their goals.

About Team (re)Purpose

This 1-day workshop helps teams step back from day-to-day operations to agree on their broader role in leading their organisation.

During the workshop, teams agree on their purpose and goals, how they focus their time and how they operate as a team. Specific content of each workshop is shaped by the team’s needs.

Diagnostic interviews are conducted prior to the workshop to ensure content is adapted to meet the team’s needs and to start the change process.

Team Alignment

Team performance often suffers due to lack of alignment. Our research shows that improving alignment results in higher performance, retention, engagement scores, collaboration and team identity.

This workshop helps teams improve horizontal and vertical alignment to drive improved performance.

About Team Alignment

This ½- to 1-day long workshop is a hands-on, practical session designed to improve alignment.

During the workshop, teams:

  • Learn about the 10 factors that drive team success
  • Compare how they perform in these areas against benchmarks
  • Learn about practices that can help them improve in areas in which they are low
  • Plan and prioritise actions that will help them improve alignment

Specific content of each workshop is shaped by the team’s needs.

4P Team Alignment Survey

This on-line survey measures key drivers of team success and indicates their overall horizontal and vertical alignment. Comparing alignment to benchmark organisations allows teams to focus their improvement efforts.



Team Excellence

Complex, dynamic environments require teams to scale up, change how they operate and transition to high performing teams. Unfortunately, teams often rely on their leaders and never reach these levels of performance.

Team Excellence takes performance to the next level.

About Team Excellence

The Team Excellence programme kicks off with a 1.5- to 2-day workshop and is based on a high performing team model. -The team identifies how it is performing today, how it wants to perform in future given business demands and identifies actions to improve.

The exact structure of the programme is based on results of the team Excellence Survey. - The workshop can focus on a number of areas including:

  • Team effectiveness (e.g., communication)
  • Leadership behaviours
  • Shared leadership for the organisation (e.g., culture)

Team Excellence Survey

This survey is based on four stages of team development. Team members rate how their team is performing in a number of key dimensions and how they think the team should perform in future. Results are used throughout the workshop to focus efforts and identify actions needed for improvement.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is often included within the workshop and in supplemental follow-up sessions.

Stages of Team Development


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